March 14, 2019
In life, random events occur every day and they can reshape lives in an instant. I’ve seen way too many instances where a spouse passes, leaving the surviving spouse with real estate assets and no plan. Unfortunately, more often than not, the surviving spouse does not have the skill set to successfully run a real estate portfolio nor the peer group to help them figure it out. This is where the real estate plan comes into place. Do you have a plan? Every real estate pro (realtor, bankers, investors) that own real estate assets should develop a plan to ensure a smooth transition if something...
January 14, 2019
The Huffington Post recently hosted a public forum on Boulder’s affordable housing challenges. Among other causes, the forum’s panelists called out our restrictive development policies. As Boulder Councilwoman Jill Adler Grano explained, Boulder was planned as an “urban core surrounded by open space.” But while creating a beautiful “island paradise,” we’ve also instituted policies that limit housing and commercial density, causing our island property to become expensive. Yes, in alignment with predictable market forces, height restrictions, low-density zoning, and onerous development...
November 5, 2018
If you saw the copious amounts of pink in October, you should be aware that October is the month when we wage war on breast cancer by providing awareness to the disease in the form of pink. Dean Callan & Co. joined in on the battle with a successful night of Bike for Boobs. We would like to thank everyone that came out to support raising awareness on a disease that is the second leading cause of cancer death in women . Thank you to our sponsors:
May 16, 2018
Home to a world-class research university, a wide range of major industries, leading government research facilities, visionary entrepreneurs, and one of the nation’s most highly educated populations, Boulder is widely recognized as a center of innovation.
February 20, 2018
Commercial real estate projects and markets are diverse, complex and subject to change. To maximize their chances of success, developers and owners of CRE assets should look to establish a relationship with a lender that has local knowledge, a range of financial products and a comprehensive team with deep expertise.
January 25, 2018
Best States for Women Entrepreneurs – Definitive Ranking of All 50 States By Henry Kanapi Women have made enormous contributions to the country’s economy. In fact, according to Womenable, the U.S. is home to over 11.3 million female-owned businesses which employed around nine million people and generated over $1.9 trillion in 2016. Over the last nine years, the number of female-owned businesses has grown five times faster than the national average. Regardless of these impressive achievements, women entrepreneurs still face unique challenges in today’s business environment. Setting up shop in...
January 25, 2018
As technology transforms the healthcare industry, it is altering the real estate needs of providers. A recent Colliers International post discussing the future of healthcare and higher education real estate sheds light on several trends that will transform the healthcare sector in the next decade, according to Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health President and CEO Steve Klasko. Below are three examples. 1) Better Services, Smaller Footprint As technology makes hospitals more efficient and increasingly cuts down on the time it takes staff to complete paperwork and juggle tasks,...