November 21, 2017

Top Tech Companies in Boulder

Gone are the days when Boulder was only known for winter vacations or granola hippies. Over the years, the city has seen a startling growth in many sectors. Impressive gains have been in the number of new tech startups and out-of-state companies opening branches in Boulder. In fact, the city has become a new hotbed for software technology. There are good reasons for this new Silicon Valley. As a college town, there is no shortage of young talent, and many entrepreneurs have flocked to the city for its desirable lifestyle. Here is a sampling of top tech contenders:

Zayo is a leading global communications provider to large enterprises. These include wireless carriers, media and content providers, healthcare organizations, financial firms and other large businesses. Founded in 2006, they received 823M in funding and now have 682 employees.

LogRhythm is an award-winning company, developing global security intelligence software. Their focus is on protecting organizations from hacking and cyber threats. They are regarded as one of the fastest growing and innovative companies in Colorado. Founded in 2003, LogRhythm secured 121M in funding, and employ 375 people.

Spotx is a video inventory management platform for publishers and broadcasters. They provide monetization tools for desktop, mobile and connected devices. Their focus is on developing online video advertising marketplaces. Not exactly in Boulder, their headquarters are in nearby Broomfield, CO. Founded in 2007, they received 1.7M in funding, and have 260 employees.

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. They specialize in virtualization technology and help customers. They are a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, and their headquarters are in Palo Alto, Ca. They have branches in both Colorado Springs and Broomfield. Their revenue for 2016 was 7.093 billion. Their Broomfield location has 500 employees.

Webroot is the largest privately held internet security company in the United States. They provide cloud-based network protection that stops threats in real-time. They were founded in Broomfield in 1997, and have 350 local employees.